The Auckland Rental Property Market

Did you know that the average rent for a house in Auckland is now almost $500 per week. Figures from property website TradeMe tell us Auckland’s weekly rents increased 6.5% in the year ending May 2015 to around $490 per week. Nationally rents increased around 6.4% but the median weekly rent nationally remains unchanged at $420.

How much is Auckland?

Prices vary across the cities having higher prices. A resident says the sale of the Coulter Road Reserve for housing would crush “the heart and soul” of the local community. The national quarterly drop of 2.3 percent was the largest in three months since February 2009.

However, some houses are less expensive than others and some are more costly. House prices dropped 11.68% between November 2021 and May 2022. However, year on year and they are the same as they were in May 2021, according to the REINZ house price index.

What is the average salary of NZ doctors?


View the full list of addresses of residential properties that sold in July 2022. Many New Zealand businesses offer employees more non-monetary benefits than companies in other countries. Remuneration packages often include company cars, company phones, paid meals, and registrations at fitness centres. Paid annual leave, however, may be slightly less than is common in the UK, with the average being 20 days per year. New Zealand Shores offers assistance and advice on your likely salary and the additional benefits that you can negotiate for each position.

Is The Rental Market Finally Good For Renters?

For Mitchell Watene, he managed to dodge this rent increase and find himself in a home that better fits his needs. But while there may have been an end to the seemingly unstoppable soaring of property values, for the third of New Zealanders who rent, the long-awaited exhalation of relief may still be some time away. So when an email appeared earlier this year informing him in a succinct and professional tone that rent would be increasing by five percent, one could reasonably expect some kind of increase in service. Inventory is a way to identify the “Vacancy Rate”. Internationally a 3% vacancy rate is a market in balance. It is probably due to Government housing, I believe it is closer to 2.5% in NZ. Click here to view Auckland’s market rent statistics.

Landlords can only ask for 1 or 2 weeks’ rent in advance, depending on whether you will pay rent weekly or fortnightly . You may be required to pay rent in advance and a bond when you rent your first property. This could make your first payment equal to 5 or 6 weeks rent. If you do get behind in rent, landlords still have to meet their responsibilities for maintenance and they must follow the correct process to end a tenancy. Oaks Property Management is the best place to look because of the wide range of properties we have available and the level of service we offer. The pressures on the property market are unlike anything seen before in 40 years in the industry, an industry veteran says.

You can see sales volumes by focus, average sale price per focus area, sales volume by number of bedrooms, average price by price range, and median prices for January 2022. You can see sales volumes by focus, average sale price per focus area, sales volume by number of bedrooms, sales volume by price range, and median prices for February 2022. You can see sales volumes by focus, average sales price by area, sales volume, and average price by number bedrooms. Also, you can view volume of sales by price range and median prices for March 2022.

What is the rent like in Auckland?


Overcrowding rates are higher in rental accommodation than in homeowner-occupied housing. Multiple people sharing a house that was not designed for large numbers of people is a common occurrence. occupants, particularly in the southern parts of Auckland – see The housing continuum.

Housing Quality

But at least it is “normal-sized”, costing relatively the same as their previous home. REINZ specialises in all facets of real estate including residential sales, rural, auctioneers, business brokers, commercial and industrial sales and leasing and residential property managers. These data form the table Rent–Bonds and weekly rental for residential properties by region February 1993-May 2022. The pandemic hit Auckland the hardest in 2021, with the COVID-19 Delta outbreak triggering the longest level 4 lockdown in the country. This has meant that many tenants have stayed at their homes longer, which means that there was not much activity in the city’s rental market. There are plenty of rentals in Auckland. The only problem is the lack of income to pay the rents of private homes with the current levels for the Accommodation Supplement.