Zar Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 200% Signup Bonus R15,000

Does not accept players from your country. has the dual distinction of being regulated by two agencies: Alderney Gambling Control Commission for customers in Europe and Canada, and The United States’ Gaming Commision (Gambling) if you are an American citizen or resident.

Please note that Winstar is one among many online gambling sites who have received a license from these authorities to operate legally within their borders on behalf of those residing there; it’s not just any old site with three letters they can call themselves “dot com.”

ZAR Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 : 200% Signup Bonus R15,000

ZAR Casino is a top casino for players in South Africa with quick cashouts and easy registration. It’s also accepting Bitcoin as deposit/withdrawal method, so you’re always on the go! There are no active bonuses right now but keep an eye out because they might change at any time.

ZAR Casino Casino Review

ZAR casino is an exhilarating destination for gamblers who want to play the latest online games with a personalized welcome bonus.

A payment method that is not very common within the Online Casino business industry. To sign up, all you need are your basic information – they ask for name, email address and phone number plus date of birth to get started with this platform. You can access their casino in English only currently but it’s a great way to introduce yourself into an exciting new world if gambling interests you at least now and then!

ZAR Casino Casino VIP

All you need to do is join the Graphite Affiliates program, which ZAR Casino works with and start promoting their casinos. By becoming a member of our affiliate network for around nothing less than $10 USD per month, you can earn up to 10% on all your referrals’ deposits!

ZAR casino does not have a loyalty reward or VIP but if happen to be webmaster or owner website then could join Graphites affiliates programme that Zar work out deal them and promote their sponsored casinos through link referral from own site

Bonuses Promotions

ZAR Casino has a long and varied list of casino bonuses. The bonus is activated by using special codes provided to the public, making it simple for people who want to get an edge on their competition while they play roulette or any other game from this extensive library of games. This welcome bonus gives new players up to R15 000 in winnings with 10 free spins if you deposit right now!

In this month of March, the casino is offering a special bonus for slot games. With each deposit made from R50 to 80 you will be eligible for free spins on three different slots: Buckin´Broncos Video Slot, Gunspinner’s Gold Video Slot and Tomahawk Video Slot with additional bonuses offered as well! Challenge your luck by taking part in “the challenge of the Ancient Myths” or choose one at random from seven other challenges such as “Challenge of Seven Seas” “Challenge Lost Kingdoms,” and more!

Playing the game is like embarking on a quest, one that has 4 challenges and an incredible major bonus or promotion at the end. The final challenge mentioned happens to be for those who tried their best but weren’t able to make it through all of them-a consolation prize! Play your way into getting bonuses from 50% up to 150%. You can see there are plenty of rewards waiting in this virtual world too.

Keep in mind that all of these need a deposit first, and then require the players to type the specific code for their bonus.

The game player will have to make sure they keep track of what bonuses are available when depositing because some may not be accessible until later on.


ZAR casino works with the south African local currency only, for those that have the possibility to make use of this currency they offer electronic funds transfers through all banks available in South Africa. Credit and debit cards are also accepted, but ZAR is not one of many casinos using Bitcoin as an option.


From the variety of games available on the internet casino, they have: featured games, slot games, table and “other” categories. To mention some specific online casinos with their respective game titles are Double Trouble (included in Favorite Games category), Vikingdom (Featured Game), Stones & Bones(Slot Game) Le Chocolatier(Table Casino ), Tails of New York (table/video poker)(Poker Rooms Category). When it comes to Poker or Table Games Blackjack is listed as a Featured Slot while Roulette and Video Pokers make up two different Categories that include one being categorized under Favorites

The site has an extensive list for all its players- from those who prefer slots to roulette enthusiasts! The most popular Sl

Loyalty Rewards VIP

ZAR casino offers a number of rewards programs for members, but the affiliate program is one that stands out. If you happen to be a webmaster or owner of an online website and want to earn some extra cash from referring people over, it’s as easy as joining their Graphite Affiliates Program! The more players they can get coming in through your link, the better off both parties are going to be. Join today and start earning money with ZAR Casino

Customer Service

ZAR casino is a great online service provider that has three different support platforms available for its players, one of which being the live chat. There should be no fear to ask anything and all questions will be answered with ease by friendly customer service representatives who are open 24/7!

Join Now

There are so many games to find and play at ZAR Casino, the website is easy to navigate with a large selection of different categories. All you need in order to register an account is provide some basic information about yourself – there’s no credit card or banking info needed! You can also get money just by watching videos on Youtube as well- it really doesn’t take much time out of your day when all you have for entertainment are commercials playing back-to-back anyways.

Many online casinos are vying for your attention, and you may be tempted to play at several different ones. However, ZAR casino offers its players the opportunity to not only enjoy playing on their home computers or laptops but also from phones or tablets! What’s more is that it does have a mobile app – meaning you can access this 100% mobile-friendly site anywhere there’s an internet connection! In short: if you’re looking for one strong choice when considering entering, playing and earning with any of these popular sites before deciding which will best suit your needs; make sure to check out what they offer yourself first. You won’t regret it

Yes, this casino does accept Bitcoins as a payment method. However, there is only one cryptocurrency available at the moment of my review: Bitcoin. The site offers an impressive selection of games including slot machines and table gambling like roulette or blackjack. Unfortunately live dealer tables are not currently offered by this casino but it’s still worth checking out because they offer some other great promotions that come with specific wagering requirements depending on which bonus you choose to take advantage of!

Play at this casino and you’ll never have to worry about fulfilling the withdrawal requirements before getting your hands on a cash prize. The website has 4 different affiliate programs, all of which offer players with exciting bonus offers that are customized for their interests. All withdrawals will take 1-3 business days depending on what method is chosen (bank transfer 3-5 bizdays), while deposits can be made instantly via ewallet or credit/debit card in just minutes! This licensed gaming site operates under Curacao regulations and there’s no need to fear its legitimacy because it keeps customers happy by offering safe banking options so they don’t even need an account – though we do recommend playing online as opposed to land casinos due

to increased safety measures such

If you want to enjoy safe, fair gambling on your computer or mobile device without the risk of getting scammed by a shady website then ZAR Casino is for you!

The law states that any online casino must be licensed and operated lawfully in order to ensure gambler safety. However, many casinos do not abide. Luckily this one does so players are guaranteed peace of mind when they use it’s site with confidence knowing their personal information won’t get stolen from them while playing games like roulette and blackjack which require deposits made into real money accounts at banks within specific time limits before withdrawing funds back out again as well as other tasks such as completing verification questionnaires just because someone clicked ‘verify account’ button too quickly or carelessly forgot